Water Treatment

imageActivated carbon for water purification is widely used in various water treatment industries, including drinking water, pure water, high-purity water, circulating water in power plants, boiler water, reverse osmosis water, industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater, tap water, and other water treatments. Activated carbon can effectively remove various impurities such as chlorine, phenols, arsenic, lead, cyanide, pesticides and other harmful substances in water, playing a significant purification role.

Technical Parameter:


Indicators (Customizable)

Coconut shell activated carbon

Iodine adsorption value≥ 800-1200mg/g

               Hardness ≥98%

               Moisture≤ 5%

Coal based activated carbon

Iodine adsorption value≥ 500-1000mg/g

               PH :5-7

Customized Products & Services

Iodine value, size, moisture, CTC, etc. as required to ensure that the product meets the needs of the application.

Provide acid-washed, impregnated grade activated carbon and carrier activated carbon Standard and custom packaging is available, and you can also support printing your branding on the bags.

We have 3 production sites to ensure stable and continuous supply. Products certified by ISO, NSF, KOSHER, etc. to ensure compliance with your project procurement needs

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