Gas desulfurization

imageBiogas is a mixed gas produced by microbial fermentation under anaerobic conditions. A large amount of H2S gas is carried during the fermentation process. H2S gas will accelerate the corrosion and clogging of metal pipelines, and the SO2 produced by combustion will cause damage to the atmospheric environment. Whether it is industrial or domestic gases, H2S must be removed as much as possible.

Dry desulfurization is a simple, efficient and relatively low-cost desulfurization method. Place the package into the container. The filler layer contains activated carbon, iron oxide, etc. The gas passes through the packing layer in the container at low flow from one end, and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is oxidized into sulfur or sulfur oxides and remains in the packing layer. The purified gas is discharged from the other end of the container.

We can provide high-performance desulfurization activated carbon for the precise removal of hydrogen sulfide and some organic sulfur from various gas sources such as biogas and liquefied gas.

Technical Parameter:

Desulfurization activated carbonIodine value (mg/g)                   1000-1300

Strength (%)                               >95

CTC value (%)                             60-100

Ash content (%)                          <5

Customized Products & Services

Desulfurization activated carbon requires high-quality anthracite as raw material

Determine iodine value, particle size and moisture as needed to ensure the product meets the needs of the application.

Acid washed, impregnated grade activated carbon and carrier activated carbon available Standard and custom packaging available, you can also support printing of your brand on the bag.

We have 3 production bases to ensure stable and continuous supply. The products have passed ISO, NSF, KOSHER and other certifications to ensure that they meet your project procurement needs.

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