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Adopt a wide range of raw materials, coconut shell, bituminous coal, anthracite, wood, etc.
Manufactures a complete range of standard, washed, and impregnated activated carbon in granular, powder, and extruded pellet forms.
Products have passed various quality certifications, such as NSF, HALAL, KOSHER, ISO, etc. Perfect production system, mature technology, global supply, fast delivery.

Activated carbon By types​

Granular, Pellet, Powder And Other Activated Carbons

Activated carbon By materials

we are a specialized company who manufacture active carbon from coconut, lignite or wood.

Activated carbon By applications​

Activated carbon has been widely used in water treatment, gold recovery, solvent recovery, absorption, deodorization, and other types of liquid phase and gas-phase adsorption. Inquiry us for more solution.​
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