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Granular activated carbon applications:

Granular activated carbon is the granular form of coarse activated carbon produced from the highest quality bituminous or anthracite coal. The adsorption capacity of granular activated carbon makes it an ideal choice for removing various pollutants from water, air, liquids, and gases to improve taste, odor, and color. Typical applications of GAC include municipal and environmental water treatment, food and beverage, and metal recycling. In addition, activated carbon with different particle sizes is most suitable for steam and liquid adsorption applications. For general filtration purposes, our granular activated carbon has a mesoporous structure and will be the best choice.
High physical adsorption capacity
Excellent microporous and mesoporous structures

Technical Parameter:

Particle diameter (head)

4×8 8×16 6×12 8×30 12×40 40×60(personnalisable)

Iodine index (mg/g)


Apparent density (g/cm³)


Methylene blue(mg/g)


hardness (%)

≥ 90

humidity (%)


ash content (%)




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