Solvent Recovery

imageSolvent recovery activated carbon generally refers to organic solvent recovery activated carbon, which is mainly used for high-end air purification or the recovery of various gas solvents. Commonly used ones include coal-based columnar activated carbon and coconut shell columnar activated carbon.
Activated carbon used for solvent recovery has strong selectivity, mechanical strength, thermal and chemical stability, and large adsorption capacity. In addition, the adsorption rate and desorption rate of the adsorbent must be fast to ensure good regeneration performance. Even if there is moisture, the adsorption performance will not drop too much and the price is low. Therefore, activated carbon adsorption is currently the most preferred solvent recovery method.

Technical Parameter:

Coal columnar activated carbonIodine value (mg/g)        700-1200

strength(%)                      90

CTC value (%)                   40-100

Ash content (%)                <5

Coconut shell columnar activated carbonIodine value (mg/g)        800-1300

strength(%)                      >98

CTC value (%)                   50-100

Ash content (%)                <5

Customized Products & Services

We can provide activated carbon for solvent recovery operations.

Pillar activated carbon is a high-end adsorbent material made of high-quality anthracite and coconut shells. Its particle size range is 0.9-9mm

Made of high-quality wood chips and high-quality coconut shells as raw materials

Determine iodine value, particle size and moisture as needed to ensure the product meets the needs of the application.

Acid washed, impregnated grade activated carbon and carrier activated carbon available Standard and custom packaging available, you can also support printing of your brand on the bag.

We have 3 production bases to ensure stable and continuous supply. The products have passed ISO, NSF, KOSHER and other certifications to ensure that they meet your project procurement needs.

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