Pharmaceutical purification

imageMedicinal activated carbon is a new type of activated carbon, which is specially used in the pharmaceutical field. It is mainly used for the decolorization of the solution in the pharmaceutical process and the adsorption of impurities and small molecular heavy metals in the solution. It is the most commonly used method to remove pyrogens. This activated carbon is usually used in the field of medicine, so it is called 'medicinal activated carbon'. It can reduce the impurities of the liquid medicine without affecting the concentration and medicinal properties of other ingredients in the liquid medicine. This product is made of high-quality wood as raw material, the shape is powder, and it is refined into wood activated carbon through high temperature carbonization, activation and various processes. It has large pore structure and can absorb various substances and impurities larger than the color in the adsorption liquid. Mainly used in pharmaceuticals.

Technical Parameter:

Medicinal activated carbon

Methylene blue adsorption value(ml/g)          12-24

Moisture(%)                                                      <10

Ash content (%)                                                <10

Particle size (mesh)                                                200,325

Customized Products & Services

Imported coconut shell raw materials from Southeast Asia. The coconut shell has thick wall and high strength. No flakes, no need to polish, high wear resistance.

Iodine value, size, moisture, CTC, etc. as required to ensure that the product meets the needs of the application.

Provide acid-washed, impregnated grade activated carbon and carrier activated carbon Standard and custom packaging is available, and you can also support printing your branding on the bags.

We have 3 production sites to ensure stable and continuous supply. Products certified by ISO, NSF, KOSHER, etc. to ensure compliance with your project procurement needs

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