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We supply and distribute activated carbon in:Powder Activated Carbon, Granular Activated Carbon, and Extruded Pelletsfrom wood, coconut shell, bituminous and Sub- bituminous coal and lignite.

Pellet activated carbon

Extruded activated carbon made using steam activation process. It is refined and processed using advanced activation and calcium carbide technology.

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Coconut shell activated carbon​​

Manufactured by steam activation technology, It is a high performance granular activated carbon made from specially selected coconut shell based charcoal.

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Granular activated carbon

The appearance is black amorphous particles, with developed pore structure, high mechanical strength and low cost.

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Powdered activated carbon

Made of high-quality wood chips, coconut shells, and coal, it has the advantages of fast filtration speed, strong decolorization and deodorization capabilities.

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About Zhongju Carbon

Zhongju Carbon is Chinas leading manufacturer and supplier dedicated to providing its customers with the quickest quotes, best quality products, most competitive prices and fastest possible deliveries of coconut shell activated carbon, columnar activated carbon,Spherical activated carbon, granular activated carbon and powdered activated carbon etc.

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Advantages of ZhongjuCarbon

Industry experience

Years of experience in activated carbon production, craftsmanship spirit, and excellent quality.
Various activated carbon specifications are complete, providing multiple options for you to choose from, and can also be customized according to your needs.

Overall strength

Strong production capacity, sufficient inventory,Modern production workshops, responsible production workers, and diligent sales personnel, ZhongjuCarbon will escort you!

Product quality

Strictly selecting high-quality production raw materials, eliminating quality hazards at the source, using precise production equipment, each product undergoes strict screening, and activated carbon undergoes strict quality testing before leaving the factory. Responsibility is traced to the team and personnel.
A large number of exports have been made to countries in the Middle East, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, winning the trust of international customers.

Continually disintermediate

Sixteen years of experience in activated carbon, craftsmanship spirit, and excellent quality.
Three parts of the product, seven parts of the service. Our technical service team with experience in environmental protection from ZhongjuCarbon saves you from any worries.

18years experience
116management standards
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