Gold Recovery


Coconut shell activated carbon is used for gold recycling. The particle shape is full and uniform, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the product. There is no need to pre-grind after entering the factory, it can be used directly after rinsing with water. Gold activated carbon is black amorphous particles with uniform particle size, developed pores, large specific surface area, strong adsorption capacity, high mechanical strength, small bed resistance, good chemical stability, easy regeneration, and wear resistance. It is very suitable for modern gold mine production and is mainly used in the gold metallurgical industry to separate and extract precious metals using heap leaching or carbon slurry extraction methods. Gold refined coconut shell charcoal has high adsorption capacity and fast adsorption speed. Its advantages are high strength and wear resistance. For gold extraction and precious metal extraction. It not only has large adsorption capacity and fast adsorption speed, but also can greatly increase the gold content. The recovery rate is high, the equipment production efficiency is high, and it can be used repeatedly three to four times.

Technical Parameter:

Coconut shell activated carbon

Iodine value (mg/g)                800-1300

Particle size (mesh)                 6-12,8-16

CTC value (%)                          50-80

Strength(%)                             98

Ash content (%)                      <5

Customized Products & Services

Imported coconut shell raw materials from Southeast Asia. The coconut shell has thick wall and high strength. No flakes, no need to polish, high wear resistance.

Iodine value, size, moisture, CTC, etc. as required to ensure that the product meets the needs of the application.

Provide acid-washed, impregnated grade activated carbon and carrier activated carbon Standard and custom packaging is available, and you can also support printing your branding on the bags.

We have 3 production sites to ensure stable and continuous supply. Products certified by ISO, NSF, KOSHER, etc. to ensure compliance with your project procurement needs

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